DOB: October 28, 2010 This girl is full of spunk. One word that describes Witza is fearless, because she is always the first to try something new. She has a caring, tender heart. Since living in t...

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DOB: December 30, 2011 DaeDae is a fun kid. When he first came to live in the I’mME children’s home he was very reserved. He didn’t talk and didn’t seem too interested in p...

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DOB: April 9, 2000 We met Delva when he was 13 years old at a feeding program in our community. We quickly realized that there was something different and special about this boy. He started living...

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DOB: October 20, 2009 Georgina has a precious, sweet spirit. She is always giggling. She is a natural caregiver. She is always the first to help take care of her little sisters. She enjoys playing...

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DOB: December 10, 2013 Germima is the youngest child in the i'mME children's home. Her favorite things include playing with her sisters and playing with the cat. She is very laid back and loves an...

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DOB: November 17, 2006   Prosper is a leader in the i'mME children's home, always eager to help his younger siblings with their chores or instruct them how to do something. He is very seriou...

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DOB: July 31, 2011   Robensley is quite the character. He comes to life when he's eating food, playing superheroes or hanging out with his brothers. He is funny and also very smart. He atten...

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DOB: July 6, 2011 This girl is strong and has a caring heart. She stands up for the ones she loves. She's also really funny. She enjoys playing outside with her siblings, braiding hair and sneakin...

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DOB: October 20, 2013 Once lifeless and on the brink of death, Taina is full of joy. Her personality has the ability to lighten up a room. She loves to dance, play with her doll and is consta...

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DOB: December 21, 2009 Wilson was born to be an athlete. He is always off on his own practicing soccer moves and always in the middle of the wrestling matching, games and more. He is a sweet littl...

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Anthony Charles

In 1989, Anthony was born in Cité Soleil, the biggest slum in the country located about 5 miles outside of Port-au-Prince. Born to mother Raymonde and father Berthony but raised by his grand...

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Banner is 4 years old and enjoys playing with trucks and legos. He was formally diagnosed with CP in October. He has 24 hour individual care and is worked with daily to ensure his developmental pro...

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