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Place Haiti

Banner is 4 years old and enjoys playing with trucks and legos. He was formally diagnosed with CP in October. He has 24 hour individual care and is worked with daily to ensure his developmental process. When he first came to live with the i'mME family he couldn't sit up straight, but now he is pulling himself up and walking in circles around us with his walker. Banner is growing more and more independent each day. He is able to feed himself and get water on his own. Earlier this month, we found him in his room making his own bed! Physically he is growing stronger. The number of steps that he is able to take independently is continuously increasing. His friends have been so helpful throughout his journey. Surrounded by an incredible support system, his speech and comprehension skills have also been improving. Banner loves to sing and loves music.  He fills the house with so much joy. He also enjoys racing the other children to the mangos that fall from the mango tree in our yard. The winner gets to eat the mango! Banner continues to impress us each day. We are blessed by him and are so humbled that the Lord has chosen us to care for this boy. 


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