Published Mon, Nov 16, 15.
Written by Susan Cagle.

I went to Haiti a couple of years ago. The first thing  I knew I was, I was  going to be going back until I literally got too old to not travel! I 've often said The Lord gave me and my family a supernatural love for the people in Haiti before we even got there.  It was the biggest wake up call to me and my family and we knew that we had to help. We began helping our missionary friend on the ground in Grand Groave. We went out and shared the gospel with people, saw how the Haitians lived and wanted to give them bibles and made sure they knew Jesus! We fell in love with the precious children of Haiti .  Now, we are committed to helping i'm ME to helping end the orphan cycle! It's time to raise my voice!!! It's time for all of us to raise our voices.