Within the commune of Croix-des-Bouquet is a long, rugged, rock-strewn road that will lead you to the home of an incredible community. When you look deeper, past the beauty of the land and people, you will see the many burdens they carry. This village is barren and the families completely impoverished. I'mMe has been visiting the village for a year now to bring the kids purified water and a snack, but God has placed it on our hearts to invest deeper into the lives of the children.

We are designing a year-round program with a hope to meet 3 essential needs: Physical – Spiritual - Educational


The Physical: Hunger and Thirst

Our goal is to provide 3 meals a week designed specifically for malnourished children. The meals will be rich in protein, fat, carbs and vitamins to help reverse the negative effects of malnutrition.

Along with a balanced meal, we want to supply purified water for the kids to drink to satisfaction. Up to this point, we have only had funds to offer 1 or 2 water pouches, but we are determined to get to a place financially where we won’t have to deny these children this basic need.


The Spiritual:

Along with serving physical needs, we believe the most impactful thing we can do for this village is to share the Gospel. The children will be divided into three groups according to age and will rotate through a Bible class. The lesson will be taught through a ‘story telling’ method in a way that the children will be able to understand and apply to their lives. We have seen God move in big ways with this village and we want to continue to see His Word and love cultivated and spread throughout Croix-des-Bouquets. We believe that God has extraordinary plans for His children here and we are following His call to help equip them.


The Educational: Health, Hygiene and Literacy

The children will also attend courses in both health/hygiene and language (English for ages 10+ and Creole/French for the younger children). The lessons will be modified according to the age of the children and will demonstrate applications that are practical within the resources available to the village. The health & hygiene class will focus on educating the children on the importance of the foods they consume and how to access these nutrients at a cost within their means. We will explain the risk associated with an unbalanced diet and go over our reasoning in choosing the meals for the feeding program. The course will also focus on the significance of basic hygiene actions such as washing hands, brushing teeth, cleaning cuts, etc.


The Vision:

Our vision for this program is to help equip and educate the community to take care of their health so that we will see a lasting change in the village. I'mMe doesn't want to stay in Croix-dès-Bouquet forever; we want the community to stand on its own. We want to see the people here thrive and not just provide a temporary quench of thirst and hunger. We will set up a fund campaign every 3 months to help cover the expenses of the program. You can partner with us on this goal financially and through consistent and intentional prayer. Thank you for supporting the children that have stolen the hearts of the staff of I'mMe and every vision trip team that has been blessed with the opportunity to encounter the work God is doing in this village.


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